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About us

We are Haja Korean! Since 2019 we offer high quality private classes and group lessons with the best of modern teaching methods. All of our experienced teachers are certified by the Korean government.

Our classes

Find the class that suit you the best. Start anytime!

Private Class

Private classes can be customised to suit each student's goal and needs. (Improve Korean skills, KIIP, Topik preparation etc...) Tutors will adjust the pace of teaching according to the student's ability and learning progress.


Premium Private Class

Premium private classes are conducted at your place of work. Ideal for busy schedules. Our teacher will prepare each lesson to help you understand the Korean work culture and ethics.


Online Class

Learn from anywhere, at any time.

Online classes can be customised to suit each student's goal and needs. (Improve Korean skills, KIIP, Topik preparation etc...) Ideal to learn from abroad, or for very busy schedules.


Small Group Class

Learning in a small group can be very fun and motivating. Get to know other students with similar level.

What people say about us.

Peter Emery, USA

I learned of Haja through an Instagram advertisement about a month ago. Before Haja I was studying on my own with no clear direction, but once I got my teacher and began scheduling class, all that changed. My teacher then provided a well organized plan which was a complete game-changer for me. With consistent meetings, my korean has improved tremendously.

Cristina Clisson, France

I had intensive classes for 1 month now with Haja Korean, preparing for the KIPRAT exam (KIIP program). It has been so far the best class I have have attended in the last years.
Haja Korean teacher has fully understood what my learning process needs and supports and challenges me every time. Thank you!

Philip Hart, USA

I have only had 3 classes so far, but I am very happy with my lessons. My teacher pushes me to speak in Korean and learn new vocabulary daily, all while creating a comfortable environment in which to take risks with the language where we as language learners make our mistakes. This is a normal step in language acquisition and I am happy that HAJA has good teachers and programs which help guide me through this process. I definitely recommend HAJA. Contact them and you can get started soon!

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