Small group


Get the teacher’s full attention thanks to the small number of students

LEARN Korean with people




Learn with people, not alone.  

But not large lectures.

Get the teacher’s full attention thanks to the small number of students.

Small group

​Regural lessons

Quicker progress & Saving tuition 

Interesting material & form of study


START                              First week of each month

RECRUIT                          Always

COURSE LENGTH            8 / 12 weeks 

ENTRY LEVEL                  Beginner to Advanced

LESSON HOURS              90/180 minute lessons

TIMETABLE                      Fixed type/Customisable

You can choice class day & location 

weekday ( 90 minutes twice a week)                            weekend  (180 minutes once a week)  

Hongik University / Gangnam Station

Tuition (one month / 4 weeks)

Weekday : 230,000 won / Weekend : 250,000 won


Small Group 

Our teachers pay their full attention on a student during class. This differentiates us from classes of 20 students, where teachers have to deal with a group of students and students might have difficulty catching up.

Regular Lessons

Class time is fixed so regular study is possible. Completion of a course for a specified period will result in a certificate of completion..

Quicker Progress & Saving tuition

A small number of students take classes so you can take classes efficiently. It is cheaper than private class and you can maximize the effectiveness of your lessons.

Interesting Material & Form of Study

School lessons can often be quite rigid, as they often have very set goals and a strong reliance on text books.  Small group classes usually have a less formal approach though, and so are more flexible as a result.  This leaves tutors free to use whichever materials and learning styles which they deem most useful.


1 Please fill out the application form.

2. HAJA will contact you.

3. Online level test. (To select a class suitable)

4. Confirmation of class to take

5. Participate in the first class day after registration

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Open small group class whenever and wherever you want.

After confirming the request, it will be registered in the recruitment table.

Where to study

Comfortable space unlike school

Ideal space for small class 


The location varies depending on where the class is held.

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