Best for getting the most out of your time abroad and learning as much KOREAN as possible.





On site class for foreigners working in Korea

& private lessons that can be conducted at the time and place desired by the student.

Onsite Class
Personalized teacher
At the time and place you want
Customized textbook
A teacher certified by the Korean government


COURSE LENGTH             Starting from 1 month

ENTRY LEVEL                    Beginner to Advanced

LESSON HOURS                60 / 90 minute lessons

TIMETABLE                        Customisable


You can choice 60 or 90 minute lessons

Recommended packages:

1 month - 8 Lessons    

2 month - 16 Lessons  

You can prepare Topik exam, Kiip. 


Customised Lessons

Lessons can be customized to suit each student's goals and needs. Tutors will adjust the pace of teaching according to the student's ability and learning progress.

Flexible Schedule

Busy schedules can limit the time you are able to spend each week on learning a new language.

Quicker Progress

Our teachers pay their full attention on a student during class. This differentiates us from classes of 20 students, where teachers have to deal with a group of students and students might have difficulty catching up.

Interesting Material & Form of Study

School lessons can often be quite rigid, as they often have very set goals and a strong reliance on text books.  Private classes usually have a less formal approach though, and so are more flexible as a result.  This leaves tutors free to use whichever materials and learning styles which they deem most useful.

Where to study

Coffee shops

Take your Korean lessons directly from your favourite coffee shop, or from a convenient location.

Office / Work place

Busy schedule? We will conduct the class directly at your office / work place.

Before registration

Before you register for a class,

You can take the opportunity to meet with the teacher in person. 

Experience trial class and level tests.

Discuss and set up lessons, materials, places, and times you want with your teacher.

Once you complete the application, your teacher will be assigned to you and goes to where you are.

If you are interested in classes,

we recommend the pre-meeting with teacher.

Recommended packages
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1 month

320,000 won ( 60 minutes/lesson )

480,000 won ( 90 minutes/lesson )

8 Lessons ,

Two times a week for one month.

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2 months

620,000 won ( 60 minutes/lesson )

920,000 won ( 90 minutes/lesson )

16 Lessons ,

Two times a week for two months.

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Custom Package

__ times a week, __ months

40,000 won / hour